The CT Simulation software, version G simulates a GE CT scanner operator's console. The software allows for clinical training of CT procedures 100% online and/or inside the classroom. Students will acquire clinical experience and confidence with unlimited practice on this life-like CT operator's console without the pressures of a busy schedule, complex cases, or demanding radiologists. Students will be able to apply their knowledge of scanning procedures, protocol setup, sequence selection, pressure injector setup and anatomical coverage. 

Instructors can track student progress, adjust protocols and create custom labs to improve the student's learning experience.

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GE CT Simulator

CT Simulator Lab Books

The CT Simulator Lab Book version G is the perfect companion to the CT simulation training software. The lab book includes 14 different CT labs of common body, neuro and musculoskeletal exams with simulated patients, requisitions & screening documentation, screening & scanning discussion questions and pathology.

Lab 1 – Introduction to the CT Simulator
Lab 2 – Head Without/With Contrast
Lab 3 – Head Without Contrast
Lab 4 – Head With Contrast
Lab 5 – Screening Sinuses
Lab 6 – Neck With Contrast
Lab 7 – Cervical Spine Post Myelogram
Lab 08 – Chest Without/With Contrast
Lab 09 – Chest With Contrast
Lab 10 – Chest With Contrast
Lab 11 – Abdomen/Pelvis WO/W Contrast
Lab 12 – Abdomen/Pelvis With Contrast
Lab 13 - Lumbar Spine Without Contrast
Lab 14 – Wrist



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