“One of the most difficult challenges facing new MRI technologists is familiarity with the scanning software. The MRI Simulator allows the technologist to become familiar with this software in a non-threatening environment and at his/her own pace. It is a “must-have” for individuals wanting to enter the MRI profession.”

Cheryl O. DuBose MSRS, RT(R)(CT)(MR)(QA)
Department Chair; Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
Arkansas State University 
"The MRI and CT training simulators have been a wonderful addition to our MRI, CT, and Radiologic Technology programs. Our students are gaining confidence in their abilities and we feel we have better control over the clinical learning experience."

Patricia Wynne, M.Ed., RT(R)
Program Chair, Radiologic Technology
Central Georgia Technical College
“The MRI simulator was an excellent learning tool. I was able to get hands-on training without the pressures of a busy schedule, complex cases, or a demanding radiologist. I felt like I had weeks of experience on my first day of clinical training.”

Shanna McCall RT(R)
MRI Graduate
The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging
"I finally took the registry and I passed!  Just wanted to let you know that your class was a great help and you were an awesome teacher!"

Nichole B.  RT(R)(MR)
"I would not have passed without taking your class at The Institute for Advanced Clinical Imaging. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for enabling me to realize my goal. As you said on the first day of class, there are those techs who have worked in the field for a long time, and just never given the chance to become an MRI tech. I feel very comfortable now when I'm scanning, and I will wear my MRI patch with pride. Again, thank you very much. I will be passing on the word about your classes to other techs."

Rick T,  RT(R)(CT)(MR) 
"I liked the interaction and also the online lecture to further understand the topic.  The program is very beneficial to techs who want to further their career but have no time because of their job situation."

Caroline O,  RT(R)

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